No Wager Free Spins

With so many options in the online gambling world, players have difficulties to decide which deals are the best, while offering real value and benefits. Offers like free spins without the wagering requirements offer better value compared to the ones with wagering requirements. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you need to jump on the first offer that gives you the maximum number of free spins. Doing a little bit of research and reading will help you find the top online casino sites with no wager free spins. .

Free Spins No Deposit No Wager UK

For some time now, the UK Gambling Commission is changing the gambling rules. They are tightening up almost every aspect of how a casino can treat its players. All these changes opened a room for casinos to offer not only wager free bonuses, but also free spins with no deposit no wager bonuses. Players did win here.

What does this mean? With thousands of online casinos you can choose from, now there are also casinos who are willing to take the risk to offer free spins without the need for you to wager your winnings. As such, if you do a sign up with their site and play, you have the opportunity to win thousands of pounds without the need to deposit even a penny. Although this sounds crazy, these casino brands believe that players will appreciate this gift, and will stick with them in the long run. And truly, these bonuses are the deals that would make players go back online and keep playing.

Free Spins No Deposit No Wager 2018

The United Kingdom is now the only country in which these changes took place. More casinos are turning towards this option, as players tend to play at online casinos that offer greater benefits. The wagering requirements, in a nutshell, set a certain condition how many times your bets need to exceed your deposits and/or bonuses received. If this condition is not fulfilled, you cannot withdraw or use your winnings. In some cases that goes even to not allow you to play other casino games.

Cutting out this requirement, players have fewer headaches and can focus fully on their game. With no wagering requirements, all available funds received from the winnings or bonuses are fully at your control. The only thing players should pay attention to is check for possible limits the casino sets on the amount you can win in these games.

Free Spins No Wager UK

In the case of free spins and no wagers, most casinos might require a minimum deposit before granting you access to the free spins. In some cases, it can be just £5, though usually tend to be more. So, choosing a minimum deposit amount which with you are comfortable with is a smart move. In addition, look out for potential promo codes that might be needed to claim your free spins. And last but not least, make sure you use your free spins as soon as possible after receiving. Many of them tend to have an expiration date, so make sure you use them on time.

End of Wagering Requirements?

End of Wagering Requirements

UK Gambling Commission

The first regulator to bare its teeth in the direction of wagering requirements is the UK Gambling Commission. As one of the most esteemed voices in the industry, they hold some weight – as well as the keys to the lucrative British market. Over the last few months, they’ve launched a series of concerted attacks on various marketing practices, with particular reference to bonuses. That’s brought wagering requirements into focus. Is this the end of wagering requirements?

The Commission has argued, for examples, that ‘free spins’ aren’t really free at all unless they behave exactly like actual spins which a player buys him or herself. That means no maximum win ceilings, no minimum stake levels and, most obviously, no wagering requirements. They’ve paired with the Advertising Standards Agency for their latest investigation. The results were clear. Casinos shouldn’t impose wagering requirements unless they clearly state them, and they’ll enforce their recommendations if they must.

UK Gambling Commission

Competition Causes Change

The Commission’s recommendations aren’t that surprising giving their reputation. Some might even argue that intervention is overdue. However, online gaming can, like any other industry, be self-policing. Especially when it’s enjoying seemingly limitless growth and success. That all creates much more in the way of competition, with new online casinos appearing weekly looking for a piece of the pie.

It’s hard for the new casinos to compete without either a) a shed load of cash, b) a unique selling point or c) both. As a) and c) are unavailable to many, most are left with b). While there may not be anything unique about a casino bonus, sites can play around with the terms attached to them. That might just create the battleground that will kill off wagering requirements for good.

Free Spins Without Wagering Requirements

The signs of a developing trend are there already. It started when some pioneering online casinos started dropping wagering requirements from free spins offers. That’s the most obvious starting point in many ways, because the concept of wagering requirements doesn’t fit free spins as well as it fits a cash bonus.

If wagering requirements are attached to free spins, they effect a player’s winnings. So, for example, if a player has 10 free spins and wins £10 using them, but the spins are subject to x40 wagering requirements, he or she will need to stake £400 worth of bets (40x£10) before withdrawing any winnings that remain. Casinos can remove the requirement without exposing themselves to much risk if they impose other conditions such as minimum win amounts.

Cash Bonuses Without Wagering Requirements

The principle of free spins with no wagering requirements is gathering pace, and now it’s spreading to wider bonuses too. Some new online casinos have appeared promising no wagering requirements on any bonuses. Others have just rid themselves of traditional bonuses altogether to avoid any controversy.

It shows that the sites are willing to innovate, and they know only too well just how widely unpopular wagering requirements are with players. It’s not difficult to envisage a dominoes effect now that some sites are turning away from the more onerous terms and conditions of casino bonuses. Others are always likely to follow.

Is This The End of Wagering Requirements

Whether this spells the beginning of the end remains to be seen. It’s definitely progress though. The UK Gambling Commission ’s focus on bonus terms and conditions is a potential game changer, at least in the UK market. Some online casinos have already changed the name of their free spins to satisfy the commission’s demands (extra spins and bonus spins are new terms in vogue). Others have just removed the demands they attach to the bonuses. Times are changing, and it’s good news for players.

Wagering Requirements for an Online Casino

Wagering Requirements

Whenever you play games at online casino platforms, the idea of winning a huge cash prize and rewards can make you much excited. But you may not have thought about what are wagering requirements. Free spins and bonuses can help you to do a great business by achieving this. It is common and easy to forget that terms and conditions are always applied to claim and use those free spins and bonuses which you may have won. These terms and conditions are related to wagering requirements. These may vary for different casinos. So, what are the wagering requirements?

wagering requirements explained

The answer of what are wagering requirements will be like – Wagering requirements are the conditions that are linked with the use of free spins and bonuses. If you win cash prizes as bonuses or you win free spins as a reward wagering term will be applied to you to limit your usage capability of that bonus and spins. Wagering requirements define the final amount of your winning that should have to be wagered before you get elected to withdraw the cash by winning any free spins or bonuses. Wagering requirements can be expressed by a number. For most of the cases, they lie in between 25 or 40. This can be higher or lower than this limit. The received bonuses will be multiplied by this factor. Then the total is the needed amount which can be wagered. In simple words, wagering requirement is the multiplier which can indicate the times you can play a bonus game before you get eligible to withdraw any of your winnings. It is common in casinos that certain games may only count a fixed percentage to requirements in addition to the wagering requirements. For example, if the requirements are 30 at a casino and you received a bonus €40, then you have to wager 30 X €40= €1400 before you get eligible to withdraw any cash from your account.

how to beat wagering requirements

Wagering requirements do not only available to reload your bonuses. Most of the casinos apply the requirements for free spins as its conditions are easy for players. This means if a winning you make with free spins, it is needed to be wagered before a fixed amount of time and you can withdraw any of these winnings. For example, a casino is offering a wagering requirement of 30 for free spins, and you won a prize €100, then €100 should be wagered 30 times. Therefore, you have to play with 30x €100= €300 before you get the permission to withdraw your prize.
It is much essential for all players to have a look on the terms and conditions of wagering requirements to win most of the bonuses. It’s much important to know precisely how they are going to make money from their winning bonuses.

Also look out for the best online casinos offering wager free bonuses like Playojo, Guts and BGO.

Now, you must have got all answers about what are wagering requirements. The startup free prizes many casinos offer is fitted into these conditions. You may get excited to get free prizes but be aware of your limitations to using these rewards.

Free Spins No Deposit

Wink Slots free spins

Who’d leave something which is available for free? No one! Getting discounted rates or attractive offers on anything that you like and that you want to purchase is what you’d wait for definitely. When you talk about the gaming trend these days, online gaming has given life to the virtual casinos and have made them the hub of players.

Mind-blowing offers and benefits are given to the players who play in virtual casinos. These incentives or offers can be in the form of bonuses or no deposits etc. Furthermore, adding to the no deposits, some casinos offer the free spins as well with it. This usually happens when a new player joins the casino. This is termed as “Free Spins No Deposit”. But as there’s a catch to every free thing, there are two catches of this offer. First, it is a welcome offer, so you need to be playing for the first time. Second, the free spins you win are usually for a specific game and can be used in it only.

Some of the Best Online Casinos offering free spins no deposit following are reviewed below.

Play OJO Free Spins No Deposit

This is a reputed and popular online casino that offers an outstanding welcome offer to a newbie. Initially, one free spin can be claimed for £1 deposit and can further go on like this till 50 free spins. Apart from these 50 spins, the game offers an additional bonus of 40 more spins to use in the game. So overall in total, the new player gets 90 free spins to use on no deposit. The best part is that the casino believes in no funny business and thus pays the entire won amount in cash to the player. No hidden terms or policies are added behind the offer. Isn’t it an amazing Free Spins No Deposit scheme?

Wink Casino Free Spins No Deposit

Formed by the biggest creators of online casinos, Wink casino offers some good and huge entertainment games to the players. There amazing Free Spins No Deposit offer attracted a lot of players to the casino. This was available for the game slots of Wink. A total of 30 free spins is provided to the player to use in the games. The catch of the game is that the spins are to be equally used in the Wizard Deluxe, Asteroids, and Irish Luck only, thus making it 10 spins each for the slot. But these game slots are worth investing the free spins in.

All Irish Casino Free Spins No Deposit

This is a straight and simple casino website based upon the Irish theme as its name suggests. This casino offers a total of 22 Free Spins No Deposits to every single new member who joins the casino. These spins are available for use on four different slots namely, Pyramid, Aloha, Jackpot 6000 touch, and Starburst. This makes the gaming experience even more interesting and intriguing.

These were some of the tops and reputed casinos offering Free Spins No Deposits to the newcomers as a welcome offer.

How Do I Choose the Best Online Casino in the UK?

Best Online Casinos

The UK players have very high standards regarding where they put in their money. That’s why usually the most popular and safest casinos are the Best Online Casino UK. We have tested and reviewed the top 5 casinos and listed them here. But every player has different needs. Every casino player will have different priorities. And that is why it is not necessary that our top 5 are your top 5.

Choosing the Best Online Casino UK

For some players, security is most important, for some bonuses are more important while for some players, game selection is the first criteria. Just go through the below-given criteria list and decide which is more important to you. Accordingly, judge the Best Online Casino in the UK for yourself before playing.

1. Security

When real money is involved, safety and security do come first. And UK players are all the more aware of where their money is going. So you have to check if the casino has a license by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is the sign of a genuine casino because this is the only organisation that issues remote permits for gambling in the UK. These are also generally the most popular online casinos

2. Games List

Very few players go to the casinos for their 1 or 2 favourite games. Majority players want a huge selection and play at different tables and online slots to keep up the fun and entertainment. So, look for the number of games the best online casino UK offers and the versions of each game available. The more, the merrier. Also, in today’s fast-paced life it is important to know the kind of mobile casino provided by the website. The mobile casino should be identical and provide all the games available in the browser version.

Best Online Casinos games

3. Customer Support

This sounds menial, but actually, it is important. When you play with real money, at some point or the other, you will need help. If the customer support of the best online casino UK is not good, it is troublesome for you.

Customer Support

4. Customer Reviews

Before you fall for the attractive advertisements and promotions by the casino, take a look at what other players have to say about that casino. The website will never tell what is wrong with them. To know if your data is safe or not, or will be able to deliver what they claim, you need to ask other players.

5. Payment Options

It is better if the payment options are more. There are a lot of secure ways for transferring the money these days. And accessing only limited options from them is old school. Even Bitcoin transfers are becoming very common. But also if you don’t go that far, at least all the other payment modes like eWallets and such should be available in the Best Online Casinos in the UK.


6. Wagering Requirements

There is now a plehtora of online casinos offering wager free bonuses. For more information on wagering requirements visit our latest blog post.

Now you know how to assess the quality of a casino. Go through this checklist and decide the Best Online Casinos in the UK for yourself. Then have a blast!

Top 3 Casino Welcome Bonus

777 bonus

An online casino welcome bonus does exist for all online casinos, and they are something that each player should consider all the time. Reasons are simple. These bonuses come in the shape of free spins, actual money that can be used for playing games, etc. The main thing to consider is which online casino should be chosen.

Before we move to the main part of the story, we must explain to you how to play casino online It is a version of the actual casino present on the web. It offers you all the games you can play in an actual casino, it has support, security and it uses actual money to operate. So, you can lose and gain money in an online casino like when you are playing in the real one, but these games are available to you from the comfort of your home or even from a smartphone. And yes, online casino bonuses are real and they are more than just appealing.

10Bet Casino Welcome Bonus

10Bet casino has been among us since 2003, and it is one of the best-known and the most popular online casinos in the United Kingdom. The main reasons for that are free bonuses each player will get and the fact they offer over 500 games and a smartphone app which is extraordinary.

Yes, there are some impressive bonuses this casino has to offer. The first one is 100% casino welcome bonus which is valid up to $/£200. Each player will get it. The next, even more, the impressive bonus is a package which has a value of $/£1000. Once again, each player will get it.

21 Casino Welcome Bonus

21 Casino was founded in 2015, and it is currently one of the safest and the most appealing online casinos to play. There are plenty of games to choose from and winning odds are higher than usual.

Casino Welcome Bonus

The first bonus you are going to get is 121% of the initial deposit. Each player will get this bonus, so it is more than just important to mention. The second bonus you are going to get comes in the form of free spins. Keep in mind that you get free spins, 10 of them more precisely on all NetEnt games. The bonus isn’t available for other games!

777 Casino Welcome Bonus

If you are looking for an online casino that will take you to Nevada, this one is the best choice. It was founded in 2012, and it is extremely popular due to the number of games it offers and bonuses.

The first of online casino welcome bonuses you are going to get is 77 free spins. You get them after completing registration, which takes around 5 minutes. This bonus solely, made the casino in question more than just popular at the moment. The second bonus you are going to get is 100% bonus upon depositing the funds. The maximum amount you can get is $/£200.