How Do I Choose the Best Online Casino in the UK?

Best Online Casinos

The UK players have very high standards regarding where they put in their money. That’s why usually the most popular and safest casinos are the Best Online Casino UK. We have tested and reviewed the top 5 casinos and listed them here. But every player has different needs. Every casino player will have different priorities. And that is why it is not necessary that our top 5 are your top 5.

Choosing the Best Online Casino UK

For some players, security is most important, for some bonuses are more important while for some players, game selection is the first criteria. Just go through the below-given criteria list and decide which is more important to you. Accordingly, judge the Best Online Casino in the UK for yourself before playing.

1. Security

When real money is involved, safety and security do come first. And UK players are all the more aware of where their money is going. So you have to check if the casino has a license by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is the sign of a genuine casino because this is the only organisation that issues remote permits for gambling in the UK. These are also generally the most popular online casinos

2. Games List

Very few players go to the casinos for their 1 or 2 favourite games. Majority players want a huge selection and play at different tables and online slots to keep up the fun and entertainment. So, look for the number of games the best online casino UK offers and the versions of each game available. The more, the merrier. Also, in today’s fast-paced life it is important to know the kind of mobile casino provided by the website. The mobile casino should be identical and provide all the games available in the browser version.

Best Online Casinos games

3. Customer Support

This sounds menial, but actually, it is important. When you play with real money, at some point or the other, you will need help. If the customer support of the best online casino UK is not good, it is troublesome for you.

Customer Support

4. Customer Reviews

Before you fall for the attractive advertisements and promotions by the casino, take a look at what other players have to say about that casino. The website will never tell what is wrong with them. To know if your data is safe or not, or will be able to deliver what they claim, you need to ask other players.

5. Payment Options

It is better if the payment options are more. There are a lot of secure ways for transferring the money these days. And accessing only limited options from them is old school. Even Bitcoin transfers are becoming very common. But also if you don’t go that far, at least all the other payment modes like eWallets and such should be available in the Best Online Casinos in the UK.


6. Wagering Requirements

There is now a plehtora of online casinos offering wager free bonuses. For more information on wagering requirements visit our latest blog post.

Now you know how to assess the quality of a casino. Go through this checklist and decide the Best Online Casinos in the UK for yourself. Then have a blast!

Whats the Best Casino Jackpot?

Casino Jackpot slots awaken the dreamer in us all. These are the games that can provider lucky winners with humungous, life-changing sums of money if they are lucky enough to hit the main prize including 7 figure sums. Wins of that size are rare, of course; otherwise, everybody would be productive. However, jackpots must fall eventually, and someone has to be on the receiving end. Put simply; you need to be in it to win it.

Casino Jackpot Slots

There are lots of different casino jackpot slots available these days – the genre has grown significantly. The games are unique because every player who stakes money on the game contributes to a growing prize pot. A percentage of each bet is added to the fund so it’s you and your fellow gamers who collectively build the cash sum that will eventually tumble.

Some games are local jackpots, which are specific to an individual casino. This means that every version of the game is unique to each site (or group of related sites) and only bets made ‘locally’ add to the coffers. Then there are network jackpots, which are ‘global’ in scope. It’s these games that typically pay out the genuinely eye-watering amounts because they share the same jackpot across all casinos. That means every bet made at any online casino hosting the game contributes to the prize pot, allowing the jackpot figure to snowball.

Best Casino Jackpot Slots

What are the best casino jackpot slots? I’ll be sticking to the global jackpot games for this article. I’ve selected the games based on a number of factors and largely swerved the games that only let you play for the main jackpot prize if you stake the highest amount possible. I like whole games that we can all have a crack at!

Mega Fortune Dreams

I’m making no apologies for including a third NetEnt jackpot slot on this list. Mega Fortune Dreams
is the sequel to the original Mega Fortune slot and features slicker graphics without losing any of the playability. Strangely, it doesn’t appear at as many UK online casinos as other jackpot slots, which affects its popularity. Its payout frequency is one of the highest of any of the significant jackpot slots, while its prize pot always grows quickly despite its lack of presence at all online casinos. It’s the jackpot slot I tend to find myself playing most during recent sessions.

Mega Fortune Dreams


Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is the Mega Moolah’s biggest rival and NetEnt’s flagship jackpot game. It has traded world records a few times with Mega Moolah although it seems to have lost that particular battle now. Perhaps it’s partly because it shares its customers with spin-off slot Mega Fortune Dreams, but the game doesn’t quite have the same record for humungous payouts as it did two years ago. You can still expect a prize of £5 million and more though. Plus, you can win the jackpot even if you bet at the lowest stake level.

Mega Fortune

Mega Moolah

There is no other place to start that Mega Moolah. The MicroGaming progressive jackpot is arguably the most famous and recognisable online casino game in the world, mainly because of the mammoth amounts of money it has paid out. Mega Moolah is responsible for the biggest ever jackpot payout (£16.5 million) and the biggest ever mobile jackpot win too (over £8 million). In addition to the main jackpot, it offers also smaller prize pots that fall more regularly.

Mega Moolah

Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods can claim the distinction of being the first, fully fledged progressive casino jackpot slot. The game draws its theme from ancient Norse mythology, a subject that will be familiar to fans of MicroGaming’s Thunderstruck slots and Marvel films. The jackpot bonus game takes players into the titular Hall and is one of the most exciting of any jackpot slot. There game’s graphics look a little dated next to more recent casino jackpot slots, but its playability remains undiminished.

Hall of Gods

Major Millions

Major Millions exists as both a 5 row and 3-row jackpot slots, and the two versions share casino jackpots. The game features a tongue-in-cheek military theme, and its format ensures both momentum and tension inform the popularity of the slot. There are no bonus games rewarding players with smaller wins. Wilds and scatters do help you create winning combinations, but you need five Major Millions symbols across one particular paying to land the jackpot. It may seem unlikely, but there are millionaires around the world who will have thought that way too once upon a time.


Popular Online Casinos

Popular Online Casinos

Here we will be focused on Popular Online Casinos, or better said the ones you will have to visit. They are, and they are the most appealing for beginners and experts. Regardless of the fact that your level of expertise is, the following online casinos must be taken into consideration.

Online casino

To play online casino games you need to use an internet connected device. It is a web-based version of an actual casino. It means that you can play all the games you would in a regular casino, but you will use your computer to do that. Popular Online Casinos nowadays have mobile and live versions. Keep in mind that there are some differences here.

A mobile online casino is optimised to run on a smartphone or a tablet. You may have to download and install an app to play the available games.

A live online casino is a part of an online casino, or better said an advanced option of it. Here you will be able to interact with real people and to get help from real dealers. Yes, they are real people who work in an online casino, so they can help you in getting the actual or real feeling of a casino. Popular Online Casinos usually have both alternatives available for their players.

Most popular online casinos

And now you will get the opportunity to gain an insight into some of the most popular online casinos. We have divided them according to the primary purpose, or better said specific games they offer to all of you.

• For sports Betfair
sports BetfairThe online casino we have here is mostly focused on sport-related betting. It is located in Europe, so it uses Euro as the primary currency. There are all kinds of sports you can bet on, starting from football, basketball and ending up with MMA or even darts. We liked the fact it is one of the best Popular Online Casinos when it comes to bonuses and free advantages.
• For poker PokerStars
And here is one of the Popular Online Casinos which is focused mostly on poker games. The main advantage is $30 bonus each player gets for free! But, we are even more interested in revealing that this casino offers some of the largest and the most rewarding live tournaments ever when a jackpot is $30.000.

• For casino Playojo
playojo casinoIf you are looking for a casual and straightforward casino to play games on, this one is the best choice you can make. It is based on all kinds of games. There are more than 500 different games in fact. The casino offers a vibrant and colourful design, it is available in 18 languages and it accepts all possible payments you can use at the moment. It has UK and Malta licenses, and it is founded in 2017.

Best  Online Casinos

These were the most Popular Online Casinos available on the internet at the moment. The chances are high that they will become even more popular shortly, so now is the right time to start playing at one.

What is an Online Casino?

online casino

What is an online Casino?

Here we will be focused on an online casino explanation. So, what is an online casino, how it works, which games you can play and how to deposit your funds? All of these are questions you will soon get the answer. Before anything else, we must add that all kinds of new online casinos are more and more popular as we speak. Many offer a very compelling vip casino bonus to entice you to play.

Online casino

An online casino is a virtual version of an actual casino. You will be able to play all kinds of games, normally seen in real-world casinos online. Of course, in this case, scenario, you will only need a computer or even a smartphone and an internet connection. You will have to register or to create an account and to start playing.

Here we must add that there are two main types of casinos located on the internet. Some of them are developed purely for fun, so there is no actual gambling involved. You will probably have some online currency which is used for gambling. Of course, these casinos do not provide wining nor any actual jackpots, so making money isn’t an option.

Second, and preferable type of an online casino is the one which involved actual money. You will have to deposit it (will be explained later on) and you will gamble like in the real casino.

Online Casino Games

Each online casino offers a vast range of slot games. Of course, this matter cannot be generalised, so it depends on each casino separately. But, some games are almost standard nowadays. As such, you will be able to play blackjack, roulette, slot games and fruit games. The process of playing is the same as in a real casino, so are the winnings, bets, etc. Also, new games are usually added frequently, so the choice is even better. The best online casino will have NentEnt online slots and Quickspin and PlayNGo games

Online Casino Games

Online casino deposit

To play a game, you will have to use actual money. To do so, you need a credit card. Once you are registered, you will have to deposit the money. Of course, adding a credit card number, expiration date, and security number are mandatory. Once you complete the mandatory details, you will have to deposit the amount of money you want to use for gambling.

We mentioned that adding a credit card is mandatory, but nowadays you can use other methods as well, such as PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, etc. Once again, this depends on an online casino you use to gamble. Keep in mind that credit cards are almost accepted in 100% cases, but other methods may vary and depend on a casino.

Online casino deposit


An online casino is an internet-based version of an actual casino, so all the similarities are transferred virtually. You can play games you would play in an ordinary casino, you can use real money, and yes, you can get the jackpot. Once you get the money, you will have to withdraw it to your credit card and be able to use it.

Top Three Casino City Marathons

luxury casino

Anyone crazy enough to contemplate running a full marathon knows the intense commitment required to complete 42.195km. But there are extra crazy ones, not only capable of running 42+km, who start to enjoy their surroundings and travel the world looking for unique marathons. And for those people, i present to you the big top casino city marathon events for 2018/2019.

Atlantic Casino City Marathon

The Atlantic City Marathon started in 1958, making it the 3rd oldest race in the United States. The event takes place on Sunday 21st October 2018. And like the Las Vegas event, it’s a flat and fast track. The unique part of the course, is the 8miles of oceanfront Boardwalk running.  It will take you on a tour through Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate and Longport. From the Marina District to Boardwalk Casinos.

If you aren’t in the mood for a full marathon there is also a half marathon on the same day, plus a 5k &10k on the Saturday. The Atlantic City Marathon Race Series also includes a 5 miler Bungalow Beach Run in June and an April Fools Half Marathon in April. Nice way to lead up to the main event.

All race finishers following the 5K and 10K on Saturday and the marathon and half marathon on Sunday, October 21 will have access to the Finish Line Beer Garden at Harry’s Oyster Bar featuring Double Nickel Brewing Company. Great incentive to finish the race!

Las Vegas Casino City Marathon

The Las Vegas, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has been running for over 20 years.  It takes place on Sunday, 11th November 2018 at 1630 local time.  The course takes you along the famous Las Vegas casino strip. The event is injecting extra fun with live bands and cheer teams along the route.

If you race for the charity, Be a St. Jude Hero!, its free race entry, race day VIP treatment and even hotel accommodation. Pretty sweet offer.

There is a full marathon, half marathon, 10K and Saturday 5K, event.

The full marathon course starts at The Mandalay Bay, heads downtown and then takes a few side streets before heading back the same course to finish where you started.  You will get to see all the major casinos on this course. As a bonus the course is very flat. Easy and fun – if that’s possible for 26miles!

Macau Casino City Marathon

Macau has a growing reputation for the best casinos in the world. Yes, even better than the best Las Vegas Casino. The luxury casino market includes such name as Millionaire Casino and Mansion Casino.

The event is run on December 2nd, 2018 and does include professional as well as amateur athletes. Last year’s race winner, from Kenya, finished in 2hrs 10mins. Damn that’s fast!

The Course starts and finishes at the Olympic Complex and takes runners on a tour of the two islands Taipa and Coloane. Unfortunately, information on their website is very sparse. I suggest using the contact us section to find out more information.

One race in October, one in November and the final event in December. That would be one hell of world trip and a fine way to finish the year.