Prosperity Palace Review

Prosperity Palace

The Prosperity Palace is another game developed by Swedish developers which are based on Asian culture. Its very similiar to Viking Runecraft slot, as such, the game offers a high level of details, even better symbols and impressive casino bonuses. The sound effects are well-known by now and more than just appreciated, so all players will enjoy them all the time, and they will even make the game more appealing if that is even possible. We must add that this is a 5-reel game and there are ten paylines which are sufficient. The game can be played on all devices, and the lowest bet is 10p. The highest is 100 pounds. The jackpot is impressive as you shall see.

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Prosperity Palace Symbols

There is no need in telling you that the game features Asian symbols. But, some of them are well-known, and they are now-standard for Play’ n Go developers. It refers to the letters A, Q, K, and J. But, this game also comes with ten cards which feature different characters. The wildcard and the one you will want is Jade Dragon. If you win it in a line of 5, you are looking at winning which will be multiplied by 500 times.

Matching the symbols on all paylines will maximise the winning and according to the game developers, ‘’improve your well-being’’. We must add that a Gold Buddha is another important symbol in the game. This symbol is important for getting a bonus, which comes in the form of free spins. It is a bit more specific than in other games, due to the fact it appears only on 1, 3 and five reels.

Prosperity Palace Bonuses

Yes, the Prosperity Palace slot game comes with a bonus feature but isn’t something special. When you get a Gold Buddha on three reels, the ones we have mentioned earlier, you will get ten free spins. In total, this feature can be triggered only two times in a round!

But, an interesting fact is that the Gold Buddha is done with providing you free spins, it will stay present as a wild card, and it will improve the overall gaming and prizes you can get. The wildcard is a unique feature, and it is characteristic of the game in question. Not a single, other game has the same or at least similar feature. With the bonuses and a little luck, you can get the maximum multiplier of 5000 times.

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Prosperity Palace Slot

Prosperity Palace is a game which is mostly focused on face-paced gaming where players know what they are doing, and they appreciate the unique interface of the game. Keep in mind that the maximum winning can be 5.000 times higher than the bet you invested, so the game is more rewarding than most, similar ones available in online casinos. After all, you will get more money while having a high level of fun. The sound and graphics are sophisticated and highly appealing as well, so you will have a great time winning the slot game.


Mystery Joker 6000 Review

Mystery Joker 6000

Mystery Joker 6000 is an exciting game which is a modern twist to the world of video games, offered by Play‘n Go. There is a fruit machine having three different reels with cherries, grapes, lemons and lucky 7s. Mystery Joker 6000 also has a twist in it as there is another game mode option available. Your goal on every spin is to get up three similar symbols in a line. If you get the joker’s cap-and-bell hat, you can get pretty amazing winning combinations. As when you get a trio of the joker’s hat, you trigger a spinning wheel which will give you a chance to win around 6000 times of your existing denomination of the coin. With the appearance of Joker’s hat in the first two-reels, you get a free spin on the third reel to check if you can attain a lineup of the joker’s hat which will give you the chance to spin the mystery wheel and receive a huge amount of win.

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Mystery Joker 6000 Symbols

There is a green arrow which is the symbol of transferring your win and entering the super meter mode which is the second mode of the game. There is also a collect symbol which helps you to collect any winnings. The other symbols include cherries, grapes, lemons, watermelons, stars, bells and lucky 7s. There is also a joker symbol, trio of which will trigger the spinning wheel.

Mystery Joker 6000 Bonuses

The game has the following two bonus features:
1. Mystery Wheel: In the game, the mystery wheel is triggered when you can achieve a trio of the Joker’s hat. When you get joker’s hat on the first two reels, you get a free spin, and if you happen to get the third joker’s hat in line, you get the chance to spin the mystery wheel. The mystery wheel can help you win as much as 6000 times your stake/coin value. Thus, the joker’s bonus is one exciting feature of the game.
2. Super Meter: Super meter is the second mode of the game as Mystery Joker 6000 can be played in two modes. To reach this second mode, you need to get a win after which you can press the big green button on the game screen. This will transfer your winnings and help you activate the super meter. It will double your stake, but at the same time, it will help you double your win as well. But you cannot access the super meter in the Autoplay mode. The super meter will also enhance the joker feature which is the bonus mentioned above.

Mystery Jike 6000 is a highly popular slot and can be played as a free cash bonus no deposit casino uk offer.

Mystery Joker 6000 Slot

It is a quite simple and a straightforward game. It has a cheering soundtrack and a dark blue background. Initially, it might seem to be a low potential slot. But when you look up to all possible combinations and chances to win, it helps you win satisfying awards such as when you hit 6000x, three times on the mystery wheel thus giving you a chance to win 18000. Overall it’s an exciting game, and it is worth trying. It is a very indulging game, and you are going to have a great time while playing it.

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Viking Runecraft Review

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Viking Runecraft is an interesting Norse themed video slot game played on a 7×7 grid. Presented by Play N Go, Viking Runecraft is nothing like commonly available slot games where you need to aim at paylines while reels spin. This is a drop based video slot game which is played on a grid of symbols that appear again after winning thus presenting you lots of chances for winning. The game is packed realistic graphics, excellent quality animations, and equally wonderful background music. In the background of the game, you will see a Nordic landscape with barren mountains and a brave Viking standing on the right side of the screen. To make the video slot interesting, there are plenty of theme based symbols and bonus features for players. Viking Runecraft can be played at most of the new online casinos such as Netbet.

Viking Runecraft Symbols

This action-packed video slot comes with many symbols that are based on the Nordic theme of the video slot. Some of the theme based symbols you will come across in the video slot game are accessories used by Vikings such as helmet, hammer, pendant, an axe. Apart from the accessories, you will also find five different runes in brown, yellow, green, blue and purple colours. These runes denote different items of the Nordic history. There are no scatter symbols in the video slot, and wild symbols appear in different forms and depend on the type of god standing on the right side of the screen.

Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft Bonuses

There are a total of three bonus features in the video slot, and we have briefly described each feature below:

• Gift of the Gods Bonus Feature: The video slot is segregated into different levels and your progress in each level by getting the patterns cleared on the reels. To clear the patter, you need to highlight the frames on which a pattern is formed. Different gods such as Thor, Odin, Freya and Heimdall award different wild symbols after a non-winning spin ends.

• The charge of Destruction Feature: On the side of the reel set, you will find a circular meter which will be charged on every back to back winning. Once the meter gets full, you will trigger the one bonus feature out of the four features available. Four different bonus features are Fury of Fenrir, Judgement of Jormungand, Lure of Loki and Scorching of Surtr. Upon completion of a round, the meter returns to the empty state.

• Ragnarok Feature: You can trigger the Ragnarok feature only after successfully playing one of the charges of destruction feature. This feature can help you win multiplier, and the multipliers depend on the number of symbols you get during the bonus round. For example, 20 symbols get you 2xmultiplier, 40 symbols lead to 3x multiplier, 60 symbols fetch you 5x multiplier, and 80 symbols get you the 15x multiplier.

Viking Runecraft Slot

It can be said that Viking Runecraft is a unique video slot game with functionalities different from commonly found slot games. It will take some time to grasp the technique and rules, but once you master it, the slot will be highly rewarding.