Top Three Casino City Marathons

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Anyone crazy enough to contemplate running a full marathon knows the intense commitment required to complete 42.195km. But there are extra crazy ones, not only capable of running 42+km, who start to enjoy their surroundings and travel the world looking for unique marathons. And for those people, i present to you the big top casino city marathon events for 2018/2019.

Atlantic Casino City Marathon

The Atlantic City Marathon started in 1958, making it the 3rd oldest race in the United States. The event takes place on Sunday 21st October 2018. And like the Las Vegas event, it’s a flat and fast track. The unique part of the course, is the 8miles of oceanfront Boardwalk running.  It will take you on a tour through Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate and Longport. From the Marina District to Boardwalk Casinos.

If you aren’t in the mood for a full marathon there is also a half marathon on the same day, plus a 5k &10k on the Saturday. The Atlantic City Marathon Race Series also includes a 5 miler Bungalow Beach Run in June and an April Fools Half Marathon in April. Nice way to lead up to the main event.

All race finishers following the 5K and 10K on Saturday and the marathon and half marathon on Sunday, October 21 will have access to the Finish Line Beer Garden at Harry’s Oyster Bar featuring Double Nickel Brewing Company. Great incentive to finish the race!

Las Vegas Casino City Marathon

The Las Vegas, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has been running for over 20 years.  It takes place on Sunday, 11th November 2018 at 1630 local time.  The course takes you along the famous Las Vegas casino strip. The event is injecting extra fun with live bands and cheer teams along the route.

If you race for the charity, Be a St. Jude Hero!, its free race entry, race day VIP treatment and even hotel accommodation. Pretty sweet offer.

There is a full marathon, half marathon, 10K and Saturday 5K, event.

The full marathon course starts at The Mandalay Bay, heads downtown and then takes a few side streets before heading back the same course to finish where you started.  You will get to see all the major casinos on this course. As a bonus the course is very flat. Easy and fun – if that’s possible for 26miles!

Macau Casino City Marathon

Macau has a growing reputation for the best casinos in the world. Yes, even better than the best Las Vegas Casino. The luxury casino market includes such name as Millionaire Casino and Mansion Casino.

The event is run on December 2nd, 2018 and does include professional as well as amateur athletes. Last year’s race winner, from Kenya, finished in 2hrs 10mins. Damn that’s fast!

The Course starts and finishes at the Olympic Complex and takes runners on a tour of the two islands Taipa and Coloane. Unfortunately, information on their website is very sparse. I suggest using the contact us section to find out more information.

One race in October, one in November and the final event in December. That would be one hell of world trip and a fine way to finish the year.


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